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Independent teaching

Wireless devices of NITOS testbed 

Taught the following courses as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Thessaly, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

  • HY 347 System modeling and performance (spring 2011)

  • HY 446 Inter-network protocol design (fall 2012)

  • HY 676 Applied stochastic processes (masters, fall 2009, fall 2011).

For the stochastic processes course (HY 676), I compiled some greek notes, available here in Greek.

Guest lectures

  • EURECOM Advanced topics in wireless communications, prof. Gesbert lecture on wireless caching, 2016-2017

  • Paris-Sud master course communication networks lectures on CDN, 2015-current

  • MIT 6.263 Data networks, prof. Modiano gave lecture on TCP, 2014

  • University of Thessaly HY340 Data networks I, prof. Tassiulas, gave lectures on routing, 2008-2012

  • University of Thessaly HY447 Data networks II, prof. Tassiulas, gave lectures on stochastic networks, 2008-2012



  • R. Aliouat, S. Ilandarideva, and G. Filali - Online classification of paynets and free hotspots

Diploma Theses (~Master Theses)

Reader for the PhD thesis of Nathaniel Jones (MIT), Abhishek Sinha (MIT), Luigi Vignieri (EURECOM).

Advisor of PhD candidate N. Liakopoulos (Huawei, UPMC), jointly with prof. Spyropoulos (EURECOM).

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